Reach to the Sky  – E3 Online Festival 2020 – Wednesday 20th May

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak we were unable to deliver the E3 Monster Mayhem Festival so we developed a brand new online festival! On Wednesday 20th May we will be ran a whole day of making, singing, signing and even a Juggling from Home workshop! This project has been made possibly by Action for Bow.

We asked participants to enter our “Reach to the Sky”  competition to add to our gallery the lucky winners will be announced on Monday 8th June!

If you participated in this festival then please complete a feedback form .

Dancing at Home Contest

Would you like to appear in a real music video? Dancing at Home contest is your chance!

Gather your family, listen to our new song “Reach Out, Now Everyone” on Spotify and learn the moves with our tutorial video! Then record your rendition all together and send it to!

The best videos will appear in our NEW MUSIC VIDEO!

How can I enter?

It’s very simple! Please follow this list and you will be ready to go!

  1. Complete the Terms and Conditions form. You can find it here.
  2. Listen to our new song ‘Reach Out, Now Everyone!’ on Spotify. You can find it down below.
  3. Watch Amy’s tutorial and learn all the actions. You can find that down below too!
  4. Ask your family to join you (please be safe in doing this – follow the official guidelines and stick to the people in your household). If you like, ask your friends to record their own video from their house and send it too!
  5. Record yourselves dancing to ‘Reach Out, Now Everyone!’ and show us your best dance moves.
  6. Send your videos to and you will receive a confirmation email for your entry.
  7. You’ve got time until Monday 29th June 2020!

Listen to ‘Reach Out, Now Everybody’ on Spotify!

Actions tutorial:

You’ve got time until Monday 29th June 2020!

Good luck, everyone!

Stain Glass Kites – 9.45am

What you will need:

Acetate sheet or baking paper, scissors, glue, black card or paper, a pipe cleaner or ribbon or bit of string, tissue paper or use pens to decorate if you don’t have acetate.

Singalong with Amy – 10.30am

Antony Elvin and Amy Bicât have been busy making up a song just for this festival! Watch the video below to learn the actions!

Song available on Spotify, Apple music etc… search for “Reach Out, Now Everyone!”

Makaton Signing with Daisy – 1pm

Daisy has written a story called Streets of Sound especially for the Reach to the Sky Festival. It has some lovely Makaton signs to go with it too!


We asked the children of E3 to write us a poem, a story or draw us a picture for what they think of when we say “Reach to the Sky” to be featured on our gallery below!

We are still looking for submissions so please send your Reach To The Sky Creations to and your artwork will appear on our website for all to see – and the chance to win some special PRIZES!

Here are some of our submissions so far:

Natalia (7) has submitted a gorgeous Reach To The Sky mosaic and poem duo, entitled ‘My Happy Star’. Fabulous work Natalia!
Ruqayya’s (4) entry has used watercolours, cardboard and cotton wool to create a fantastic Reach To The Sky 3D painting – absolutely inspired!
Not only has Aa’Maya (5) written a lovely poem but has also made it a piece of artwork in itself – great idea!
Muntaha (5) has submitted the most beautiful butterfly that is a wonderful addition to our gallery!
Abdullah (7) has sent in a lovely Reach To The Sky drawing PLUS a fantastic Reach To The Sky spaceship – amazing!
Ashton (4) has sent in some gorgeous owl sculptures that he has made from paper and card. What ‘hootiful’ creations, Ashton!!
Rosa (4) has sent in this explosive drawing called ‘Rosa touches the sky with fireworks around her’. Gorgeous!
Inesh’s (Year 1) entry is of one of our Artburst stained-glass kite crafts! It looks so lovely with the light shining through it. Beautifully done Inesh!
James has made this wonderful tree shadow sculpture made from just pencils and paper – creative and resourceful!
Charlie (10) has sent in this brilliantly colourful drawing of a ‘Reach For The Sky’ hot air balloon – wow!
Jonny (4) has submitted this fantastic drawing – we love the blues and greens he has used for the sky. Great work Jonny!
This rainbow drawing from Stella (6) is a FULL of brightness and positivity – gorgeous!
Emil has drawn an amazing tiger-striped helicopter in watercolours to accompany his poem ‘Savannah’. What an achievement!
This beautiful poem (and accompanying image) was created by Saarah (Reception class) and is full of vivid imagery and thoughtfulness. Excellently done Saarah!
Calder (5) has drawn this amazing picture of floating up into the sky on 150 helium balloons – up, up and away!!
This lovely tribute to the NHS is the work of Arjun (4). We love Arjun’s amazing creativity at using Lego to create all kinds of things!
This is Alex’s brilliant Reach To The Sky drawing that his Mum sent in to us, captioned ‘This is Alex as a baby. He didn’t want to touch the sky because he thought it was a crocodile but he was very happy to be with his mum and dad at the park’. What a great idea for a picture!
Gaia’s beautiful drawing is full of colour and makes the perfect addition to our gallery! Can you spot the eggs in the nest?
This wonderful drawing was submitted by Fola and is full of brightness and joy. We especially love the happy faces of all the people in the picture!
Seasoned Artburster Elke (7) has done a fantastic drawing of our Artburst logo with a beautifully written ‘Reach To The Sky’ title. A calligrapher in the making, perhaps!
Theodore (5) says, ‘When I hear ‘Reach To The Sky’ I think about the robot is flying to the sky with a jet pack’. Great concept!
Amira has submitted this gorgeous sculpture of a jet backbag to help her reach the sky! We love that she has recycled bottles and boxes to make it as well – inventive AND eco-friendly!
Budding astronaut Rohan (4) has sent in a beautiful picture of him touching Jupiter – his favourite planet, identifiable by its Great Red Spot – reaching beyond the sky, and traveling to the edges of the solar system!
Corenza has created this amazing ‘Reach To The Sky’-inspired rocket to zoom through the universe – wow!! Is there ‘space’ for us as well??
Here is Dan’s lovely space rocket painting, showing all the different colours of planets. Beautiful work Dan!
Tom has used the ‘Reach To The Sky’ idea to create a gorgeous sunset showing how brightly the sun shines as it goes down. Amazing!
This nature-inspired masterpiece was created by Sophia (5) and uses lots of paint in varying colours. Fantastic work Sophia!