Dancing at Home Contest

Would you like to appear in a real music video? Dancing at Home contest is your chance!

Gather your family, listen to our new song “Reach Out, Now Everyone” on Spotify and learn the moves with our tutorial video! Then record your rendition all together and send it to daisy@artburst.co.uk!

The best videos will appear in our NEW MUSIC VIDEO!

How can I enter?

It’s very simple! Please follow this list and you will be ready to go!

  1. Complete the Terms and Conditions form. You can find it here.
  2. Listen to our new song ‘Reach Out, Now Everyone!’ on Spotify. You can find it down below.
  3. Watch Amy’s tutorial and learn all the actions. You can find that down below too!
  4. Ask your family to join you (please be safe in doing this – follow the official guidelines and stick to the people in your household). If you like, ask your friends to record their own video from their house and send it too!
  5. Record yourselves dancing to ‘Reach Out, Now Everyone!’ and show us your best dance moves.
  6. Send your videos to daisy@artburst.co.uk and you will receive a confirmation email for your entry.
  7. You’ve got time until Monday 29th June 2020!

Listen to ‘Reach Out, Now Everybody’ on Spotify!

Actions tutorial:

You’ve got time until Monday 29th June 2020!

Good luck, everyone!