Cosy Creations Festival

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Story telling, singing, signing, craft activities and more for all ages with British Sign Language and Makaton!

Welcome Video

Submit art work for our Cosy Creations Festival Gallery 😊.

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❄️Deadlines for Cosy Creations Gallery competition Sunday 31st Jan 5pm send your Creations to ❄️

Click here for Part 1!

All Ages

Part 1: Winter Wishes

❄️ Welcome! ❄️

Winter Warm Up 🧘

Winter Warm Up with Mary. BSL Signed.

Story – The Elves & The Shoemakers Part 1 📘

Listen to part 1 of our story. BSL signed.
Click here for the Elves and the Shoemakers Part 2.

Winter Wishes Craft 🎨

Winter Wishes Craft. BSL Signed. Download our template below or draw your own.

Winter Wishes Song 🎼

Learn the actions. Makaton signed.

Now sing along to the full version!

Listen to the song here.

Hope you enjoyed part 1. Go to part 2!

Part 4: Happy Ever After

Winter Warm Up 🧘

Stretch & move for our final winter warm up with Saskia!

The Elves & The Shoemakers Part 4 📘

How does it all end?! Join us for the final part of our story.

Modroc Bowl 🎨

Make a nice gift for someone this Christmas with our Modroc bowl craft.

You will need Modroc for this craft (sometimes called Art roc).

No Modroc? Don’t worry, we have an alternative here to make tissue paper and PVA bowl.

Winter Wishes Finale Singalong! 🎶

We hope you enjoyed our Cosy Creations Festival. Please fill in our quick feedback form and we’ll send you a certificate.

And remember it’s not too late to enter our Cosy Creations artwork competition!!

Cosy Creations Gallery

What do the words ‘Cosy Creations’ make you think of? Maybe a painting, a drawing, a photograph, a poem, a sculpture?

Make your own ‘Cosy Creation’ and email it to us and your artwork will be displayed here!

Submit your creations to (or send a picture by DM on social media) by 5pm on Friday 31st January 2021.

All entries will receive a certificate and the top entries will receive an Artburst Modroc Starter Kit!