Our Songs

Action Songs for Children

Musician Antony Elvin and director Amy Bicât have written 16 songs for Children. Antony and Amy began writing songs based on the popular ‘Wondertots’ sessions that ran at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.

Songs are active and fun whilst incorporating Makaton signing. Artburst is Makaton approved.

All songs are available on Spotify, Itunes and Google Play search for ‘Artburst’.

The Seaside Song

The Seaside action song for children is available to stream on Spotify, google play etc… search ‘Artburst’ The Seaside Song! Click on Chiara’s video to see some Makaton signs and other actions for our song. What has Mr Punch been up to???

Learn the moves with Chiara:

Getting Around in London Town

Commissioned by the London Transport Museum, this song tells you all about the different ways you can travel around the lovely city we live in, because, as the song says, ‘North to South and East to West, London travelling is the best”.

Into the Night

Shh! Now what’s that sound? Tip toe tip toe on the ground…
Let’s discover all the animals that wake up at night and listen out for all the sounds we can hear and learn in this magical time. Goodnight animals!

Learn the signs with Daisy:

Down on the Farm

How fun to ride the tractor over the fields and look at all the animals playing in the fields.
Down on the farm everything is exciting and new!

Dragons and Daydreams

Have you ever heard of the Chinese Calendar? Each year is represented by a different animal: snakes, rabbits and tigers and…Dragons. Sing along with us and learn them all!

The Magic Song

Abracadabra! Zip zap zong! Come and hear the Magic Song!
We’ll teach you how to do a magic spell with your magic wand!

Learn the actions with Daisy:

The Food Song

In the Food Song we sing about all the yummy things we like to have inside our tummy when we’re hungry, like spaghetti, jelly and ice-cream, but we also learn how to count from one to ten!

Home Sweet Home

What is your favourite thing about being at home? Perhaps snuggling with your pet cat Mog? Or eating hot buttered toast? Or the bubbles in your bath?
Or maybe all of these things together, making you feel at home sweet home!

Transport Song

In this song we travel all around the world by different means of transports. With the help of our shakers, we can get around by train, car and even plane! But, by the end of it, it’s time to have a rest and go home for tea.

Learn the signs with Daisy:

The Giant Song

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a real giant? And stomp around all day long? In our Giant Song you get to find out. And did you know, some giants are vegetarian, too?

Learn the signs with Daisy:

Once Upon a Time

It’s time to take our storybooks out and to meet all the characters from the fairy tales we like the most. By reading and listening to stories we can meet all sorts of incredible characters, like Goldilocks and the free bears, an angry wolf and three little pigs and tiny little elves who help the shoe maker.

Learn the Signs with Diasy:

Animal Safari

The Savannah is extremely hot and full of curious animals. If you listen closely you can hear them making funny noises, but if you wear your binoculars you can see them too, each one being ‘the way they like to be’.

Moving toys

One of our most popular songs. Whilst the adults get to practice their twist moves, all the children impersonate different toys: from the train to the bouncy Jack in the Box, there is something for everyone. Written for the V&A Museum of Childhood.

Hop, Skip and Jump

Sometimes all we need is to jump around and let all our energy out. In this song we practice jumping, skipping, hopping, clapping…and flopping to the floor, exhausted, at the end.