Our Summer Dreams Workshops

Summer Dreams E3 Children’s Festival


Artburst Sillies Summer Reading Challenge for Idea Stores

From the 13th – 17th July 2020 we ran 5 days of FREE online activities click on the videos below to find out more.

These activities are FREE and funded by Action for Bow for E3 residents BUT everyone is welcome to join in.

Artburst Sillies Reception and Year 1

Part 1 Story time with Amy Lunchtime by Rebecca Cobb
Part 2 Craft with Libby Ice Cream Bookmarks
Free craft kit available for E3 families!

If you have a postcode beginning with ‘E3’ you can receive a free Craft kit contact info@artburst.co.uk for more details.

Part 3 Singalong with Amy The Food Song

Artburst Sillies Minis and Under 5s

Summer Reading Challenge with Idea Store Bow

Animal Safari Part 1 Story time
Animal Safari Part 2 Craft
Free Animal Misfits Craft Kit and activity book available for families with E3 postcodes contact info@artburst.co.uk to receive yours.
Animal Safari Part 3 Singalong
Owls Part 1 Story time
Owls Part 2 Craft
Free Owl Mask Craft Kit and activity books available for families with E3 postcodes contact info@artburst.co.uk to receive yours.
Owls Part 3 Singalong

Introduction Video

‘What should I expect from this online festival?’ you might be thinking!
Daisy is here to tell you all about it.

Singing alongs, dancing sessions, arts and crafts making, juggling and competitions with lots of prices, there is something for everyone!

Have a wonderful time, everyone!

Monday 13th July

Welcome to our first day of Summer Dreams! We are so excited to have you!
There’s lots of activities waiting for you all week long.

But enough talking, let’s start us of with a wonderful Warm Welcome with our Artburst founder and director, Amy.

Warm welcome

Fantastic, and now we are ready to get started!

Lighthouse Craft with Libby

Next up we’ve got our first craft activity with Libby. Let’s see what we are gonna be making!

Materials you will need:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Seller Tape
  • Paper cup or empty Toilet roll
  • Tea light
  • Acetate or Tracing paper

Wow! That was so COOL! Now everyone can build their own Lighthouse! We cannot wait to see all of your creations! Do send us pictures at daisy@artburst.co.uk

Makaton Poem with Daisy

The last activity of the day! The lovely Daisy has written a spectacular original poem for our Festival! Let’s learn some new Makaton signs with her!

We hope you had a great time with us today for our first day of Summer Dreams!

See you tomorrow for lots more activities and surprises!

Tuesday 14th July

Good morning everyone! Welcome back to our 2nd day of Summer Dreams.
Today we’ll start our day by warming up our voices for a lovely Singalong.

Seaside Song with Chiara

Wonderful singing, everyone! Let’s join Lucy for some Making now!

Crocodile Craft with Lucy

What you will need:

How cool was that?! Thanks so much Lucy!
Let’s join Saskia now, for some very relaxing Seaside Yoga!

Seaside Yoga Adventure with Saskia

Thank you so much for join us today! We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow! So many surprises still to come…

Wednesday 15th July

Weeeelcome back to Summer Dreams Festival! This is our 3rd day of super fun activities and surprises!

Today we shall start with some classic Storytelling. Amy has a story ready for us!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears with Amy

That was a really fun story, wasn’t it? We really enjoy it!
Lucy is ready to teach you some tricks on how to create your very own illustrations…
Have a look!

Drawing Masterclass with Lucy

What you will need:

Thanks so much Lucy for all these great suggestions!

Let’s end our day with some singing, Amy has got the perfect song for us!

Once Upon a Time with Amy

Thanks so much for joining us!
See you tomorrow for some more super duper fun activities!
By the way, do you know how to juggle?
….see you then!

Thursday 16th July

Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s Day 4 of Summer Dreams and there’s still SO much to do!

Let’s start us off in our favourite way, by warming up our voices. Daisy will teach you one of our original Artburst songs!

The Magic Song

Zip Zap Zong! Well done, everybody!

Next up we’ve got the wonderful Libby, she is going to teach how to…

Make your own Juggling Balls with Libby

What you will need:

  • Balloons or socks (2 for each ball)
  • Uncooked rice or lentils or beans
  • Cup or a measuring jug
  • Scissors
  • Plastic or paper bag

Thanks Libby, that was AMAZING! But we are gonna need to use them!

Ian? Can you please help us?

Special Guest – The Gentleman Juggler

…and with that, we came to the end of our 4th day.
Keep practicing your juggling!
Join our big celebrations tomorrow, for our last day of Summer Dreams!

Friday 17th July

Welcome to our last fantastical magical day of Summer Dreams Festival!
Please join our celebrations!

Artburst Concert
with Georgie and Antony

We’ve got the wonderful Antony and Georgie singing some of our original Artburst songs! Did you know that Antony wrote them along with Artburst co founder Amy? That’s very cool!


Stick around because this afternoon we will be announcing the winner of our Art competition LIVE on IG and FB.

Find out who won our Summer Dreams competition

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Submissions for our Summer Dreams Competition are open!

To enter, send us a piece of art on “Summer Dreams” – it could be a painting, a sculpture, a poem, a short story, a song – anything you can think of!

Send your Summer Dreams Creations to daisy@artburst.co.uk before 5pm Thursday 16th and your artwork will appear on our website for all to see – and the chance to win some special PRIZES!

Here are some of our submissions so far:

Rosa (4) has sent in TWO beautiful creations in – wow! The first is her in the playground surrounded by friendly bees and tasty ice creams – yum yum!

Rosa’s second drawing is of a colourful butterfly licking a flower.
What beautiful creations Rosa!
Theodore (5) says that when he thinks of Summer Dreams, ‘I think about holidays, going to Legoland, the beach, the sea and the pool’ – so he sent in this gorgeous painting! What a wonderful interpretation Theodore!
Elke (7) has created this idyllic seaside scene using pastels and says, ‘My favourite part of the picture is rock pool with the starfish because it also looks like a boat with a person’. Fantastic!
Tom has sent in his Summer Dreams Lego sky, complete with bright sunshine, clouds and a rain storm – incredible! Can you spot the bird and rainbow as well?
Dan has drawn a gorgeous picture of some summer flowers in the rain, complete with some crawling insects to complete the picture. Well done Dan!