Submissions for our Summer Dreams Competition are open!

To enter, send us a piece of art on “Summer Dreams” – it could be a painting, a sculpture, a poem, a short story, a song – anything you can think of!

Send your Summer Dreams Creations to before 5pm Thursday 16th and your artwork will appear on our website for all to see – and the chance to win some special PRIZES!

Here are some of our submissions so far:

Rosa (4) has sent in TWO beautiful creations in – wow! The first is her in the playground surrounded by friendly bees and tasty ice creams – yum yum!

Rosa’s second drawing is of a colourful butterfly licking a flower.
What beautiful creations Rosa!
Theodore (5) says that when he thinks of Summer Dreams, ‘I think about holidays, going to Legoland, the beach, the sea and the pool’ – so he sent in this gorgeous painting! What a wonderful interpretation Theodore!
Elke (7) has created this idyllic seaside scene using pastels and says, ‘My favourite part of the picture is rock pool with the starfish because it also looks like a boat with a person’. Fantastic!
Tom has sent in his Summer Dreams Lego sky, complete with bright sunshine, clouds and a rain storm – incredible! Can you spot the bird and rainbow as well?
Dan has drawn a gorgeous picture of some summer flowers in the rain, complete with some crawling insects to complete the picture. Well done Dan!