Show & Tell

Artburst as  a 3-year programme funded by BBC Children in Need working in a very specific area of Tower Hamlets with  5 – 7 year olds. Children would attend a day long Play in a Day workshop in the school holidays turning well known picture books into plays in just one day. 

We worked with over 250 children over the 3  years with parents/carers coming to watch their children’s shows and celebrate their achievements. 85% of parents/carers watching fed back that the project helped their children with speaking, listening, making friends and confidence with 100% of children talking about the project at home 😊 ❤️

Here is just some of the feedback:

“I loved the fact that the kids looked very happy as well as enjoying it myself.”

“Their performance was really good and the costumes they wore and the picture in the background.”

“Everything was full of fun”

“Excellent keep it up and we want more of it there was drama, art, colours, cheers and etc.  Team was superb..!  Bravo”