Puppet Theatre

You’ve got your puppets, you’ve got your story now it’s time to make the theatre and set so that you can perform your show.

Make a Puppet Theatre

Print out our resource onto strong A3 card and decorate it with collage or paint.

Use our downloadable Puppet Theatre Template, make sure you print it on A3. Then you can paint and/or collage it.

We’d love you to paint your own backdrops but if you are stuck for ideas then you can use our templates below. Add collage if you can to make your theatre sets come to life.

Here are some paint-a-long videos for inspiration.

Paint-a-long Puppet Theatre video.
Paint-a-long Goldilocks Backdrops.
Paint-a-long Orange Tree Backdrop

🎨✂️You can find all the downloadable templates below!✂️🎨

You now have everything you need so go and perform your show! Why not film it, add music and sound effects?

Bedroom Backdrop, click to download.
Kitchen Backdrop, click to download.
Night Sky Backdrop, click to download.
Cottage Backdrop, click to download.
A3 Puppet Theatre, click to download.
Orange Tree Back Drop, click to download.

Send your work to showcase on our No Pens Gallery page.

🏆🥇We’d love to see your finished work – please send any pictures to info@artburst.co.uk or tag us @artburst on Instagram or @artburstltd on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll send your class a certificate! 🥇🏆