After School Clubs

Artburst after school clubs develop children’s confidence and team-working skills. Workshop activities are very much pupil-led and children are encouraged to express their ideas and opinions, creating a real sense of ownership over the whole process.

Art Club
Artburst art clubs are weekly one-hour sessions. Sessions are artist-led in drawing, painting, model making, textiles, sculpture, photography, and print making. Children work in a relaxed setting and with various materials to explore individual and group creative projects. Projects can be themed or open-ended, and always support children in developing their creative ideas.

Drama Club
Artburst drama clubs are weekly one-hour sessions. Sessions are high energy, fun and inspiring, led by professional actors who teach drama and performance and work in the industry. Students are encouraged to free their imagination and express their creativity through drama games, improvisation, movement, usually culminating in a performance to parents and teachers.

After School Make a Play
Usually running over a 10-week period led by 1 art facilitator and 1 drama facilitator. Children make, create, devise and design every aspect of the project, culminating in a performance to parents/carers.

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