Make your Puppets

How will you make your puppets, Modroc or cardboard?

We love using modroc at Artburst. It is a multi-sensory experience. You can buy modroc (sometimes known as artroc) at any art material suppliers.


Can’t get hold of any modroc in time? Have no fear we have some nice simple alternatives with our downloadable cardboard templates. If you are feeling confident then you can just paint straight onto cardboard, wait for it to dry, cut it out and pop it on a stick. No need to use any pens!

Modroc Puppet Guide, click to download.
Card Bear Guide, click to download.
Card Goldilocks, click to download.
Card Puppet People, click to download.
Haven’t got the right puppet templates? Why not paint your own, that’s what we did here for our Hummingbird.

Now go and make your Puppet Theatre.